Integrated Management System Policy


EBSE - Engenharia de Soluções S/A, active in the areas of design, maintenance services, manufacturing in various segments according to its established scope, aims to: “Planning, executing and controlling the activities, aiming at guaranteeing the fulfillment of the requirements and needs of stakeholders, continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, together with the direct involvement of our Managers, with the objective of monitoring and managing possible risks, in order to maintain the preference and loyalty of the clients conquered, giving an adequate return to the shareholders”

This policy is based on the following priority values and ethical principles:

  • Appreciate the integrity, honesty, responsibility, transparency, excellence and innovation in relation to its employees, customers, shareholders, community, government and society;
  • Commitment to comply with the requirements national laws, applicable laws and other requirements to which EBSE has subscribed. ;
  • Prioritize the health of the people, as well as safety on executing the job, should the main influencing factors are identified and controlled in order to effectively minimize the risks of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • IImproving the quality and competitiveness of products and services, which should be achieved by the personnel involved on its production as well as the adequacy of the methods and processes;
  • The preservation of the environment and combat pollution, based on waste control procedures, air emissions, to reduce consumption of natural resources, and resulted from our processes, products and services, seeking cleaner ways to run them;
  • The development of our employees for their professional achievement and accomplishment of their task and process improvement;
  • The development of partnerships with its suppliers, and maintain assessment practices and stimulate the improvement of its processes;
  • Complying the contractual requirements, since they are in accordance to the law and other which are perhaps supervening;.
  • The search for understanding the customer needs, in order to improve continuously their satisfaction.