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IMS Policy (SGI)
"To plan, execute and control each and every project, aiming to ensure that the requirements are met and to make a continuous improvement of EBSE's Management System, so as to obtain the acquired client's preference and fidelity."

EBSE's IMS Policy is instantiated in the following primary principles:

The meeting of contractual requirements, inasmuch as the legal and other incidental requirements are carried out.

Appreciating the human being's health, as well as the safety in the execution of the work, identifying and controlling the main influential factors, so as to efficiently minimize occupational hazards and diseases.

Preserving the environment and fighting against pollution through procedures such as the control of residues, of gas emissions and of effluent liquids from our processes, products and services.

Improving the quality and competitiveness of our products and services through qualification of the personnel involved in production as well as through adapting our methods and processes.

The survival of the company, which is dependent on the satisfaction and consequential fidelity of the clients.