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Human Resources
Since its establishment in 1913, EBSE has achieved important goals, but also dealt with difficult times. Throughout the years its shareholding control was in the hands of several different companies, each with their own distinctive management style. However, a common element was responsible for the survival of the company for such a long time: each and every company was wise to prioritize Human Resources as their most valuable asset. Such clairvoyance portrayed seriousness and technical competence to the market, based on the employee's posture.

Nowadays, EBSE has a staff of over 600 professionals with technical knowledge, experience and the necessary attitude to conclude their tasks, meeting the highest quality standards, within the contracted deadline. Our staff is aware of their role in portraying EBSE as a very fast and simple company, yet also achieving high performance.

For such, there is permanent investment in the education of its employees through agreements with the schooling institutions SESI, SENAI and PROMINP for the qualification of professionals in executing, qualifying and certifying welding, as well as quality inspectors, graduate courses, MBA's and foreign language courses for managers and supervisors.
Employee Communication Channel
EBSE motivates communication by offering a direct, safe and discreet channel between the collaborators, any interested segment, and the Human Resources Department

We also have suggestion boxes spread throughout the company, so you can tell us how to make the best improvements.