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EBSE – Solution Engineering is one of Brazil's most traditional manufacturers of industrial equipment, large diameter pipes and heavy duty boilers.

Created in 1913, EBSE has a long history of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling equipment, pipes and spools, as well as modular structures for industrial plants such as oil and gas, energy, paper and pulp, steel, mining, cement, construction, nuclear and sanitation.

The main manufacturing area occupies 25 acres, one of the largest in its sector in Brazil. It is located in an important industrial area in Rio de Janeiro, near the main junctions for rail, road and marine transport. Its other manufacturing branch complex, with approximately 1.2 acres composed of warehouses, located in Itapissuma, in the state of Pernambuco, contains all the required infrastructure. 12.35 acres make up the entire area.

EBSE is structured in independent Business Units which respond for its own operational and commercial performance, supported by corporate management administrative and financial services.